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- New Zealand - Our new Life -

Already 5131 Days, 21 Hours, and 53 Minutes since departure.

+++ News +++

Applied for my Working Holiday Visa on 19th December 2006. It can be made online on the New Zealand immigration website - very convenient. You have to register for this service, fill out a form about yourself, health, charakter ("Have you been accused of any offence?") and details about the stay in NZ. At the end of the process pay the amount of 120 NZD. I am now waiting.....(takes a little longer).
Christian cannot apply yet for his visa as his current passport expires in January. The visa is referring to the expiry date and the passport number. He first has to get a new passport (the new biometric - btw) and then the whole thing starts again for him.


On 12th December we booked our flight to Auckland. We take off on Sunday, 03rd June 2007 in Frankfurt/ Germany at 11.55 p.m. Stopover with nearly twelve hours is in Sydney. This is our chance to see Sydney. All we need is a tourist visa and I already applied online for it. Being an electronic visa it has been approved after thirty seconds to be printed out.
Our connecting flight from Sydney to Auckland starts on June 5th at 4.20 pm local time and we will be arriving at 9.20 p.m. local time in Auckland International Airport. It should be around 11.20 a.m. in Germany. Because of the New Zealand law, no one ist allowed to enter the country without a return ticket or sufficient funds to finance the return ticket. Thats why we booked a return ticket. Its not really more expensive and some safety and insurance for us. You never know what happens.
Then our adventure begins: Finding a room, flat or house to rent, find a job and so on.
But there lies a lot of work before us until then...


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